Natural Yogurt

Natural Yogurt

Natural Yogurt

Compsey Creamery Natural Yogurt is a tasty and useful ingredient, not just for simple breakfast dishes, but for a variety of other recipes sweet and savoury.

Natural Yogurt is made with whole cow’s milk and is popular with breakfast eaters and smoothie drinkers.  Its traditional cultured yogurt taste has a zing.  It is delicious served simply with fruit or add some muesli for some crunch.

Compsey Creamery is a Natural Yogurt manufacturer of quality product. It is an adaptable ingredient from breakfast dishes and tasty snacks to baked goods.Use it in breads or muffins instead of buttermilk. Add some herbs or chives to make a fresh, light salad dressing.

Nutritional Information

Typical Values per 100g


– Saturates
– Sugars

327 kJ
78 kcal
Shelf Life :- 28 days from production



Whole Milk,

Skim Milk Powder,

Modified Starch,

Starter Cultures,

Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)

Allergens: See ingredients in bold.

Compsey Creamery – Natural Yogurt Manufacturer

Compsey Creamery Natural Yogurt is made with fresh whole milk from locally grass fed cows, and traditional yogurt cultures.  The cultures are added to the milk and allowed to grow until the desired lactic acid level is achieved.  This give the product its yogurt flavour.  The yogurt is then cooled, before being packed.

Compsey Creamery is a Natural Yogurt manufacturer of tasty product.  Our natural yogurt is made using locally sourced Irish milk from Bord Bia Quality Assured farms.  It has no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours and no gluten containing ingredients.

Compsey Creamery has a long history making yogurts.  Compsey yogurt was first made in the 1980’s and has been enjoyed ever since.

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